a big day

Today is a pretty significant day for our family. Well, I suppose I ought to include yesterday in this, as well. Let's say it was a pretty significant TWO days for our family.

First off, yesterday: Super Girl graduated from 8th grade! Yes, folks. This means we have a high schooler on our hands.

Lord have mercy.

We live about 50 minutes away from Super Girl's school - and that number is considering average traffic, not rush hour traffic - so naturally with the graduation ceremony last night being at 6:30pm and both of us driving in rush hour traffic to get there, I didn't make it until 6:45 and Super Man strolled in a good five minutes after I did. Thankfully they had barely gotten started yet, so we were good to go.

The ceremony was very nice, very touching, and with her class being fairly small - about 40 kids - it didn't take crazy long to get through. Super Girl looked so nice in her semi-formal dress, as the graduation dance was immediately after the ceremony. We took a few pictures after the ceremony before taking our leave,and when I looked at them last night, especially on of her and Super Boy, I was struck by how much Super Girl has grown up over the past year. She looks like she could be 17. It happened in the blink of an eye, people.

CONGRATULATIONS to Super Girl on finishing middle school and taking this next huge step into high school!!

As for today, two things make it a big day:

1.) It was Super Boy's last day of 1st grade!

2.) It's my and Super Man's 10th wedding anniversary!

We'll start with Super Boy's big day. My little man is done with school today, and next fall he'll be a big 2nd grader. I cannot - CANNOT - believe it. I still swear that it was just yesterday that I was holding my little 8 lb. 10.5 oz. baby in my arms. It is IMPOSSIBLE to think that he's 7 and going into second grade already. And yet, he is. And he couldn't be happier about it.

I asked him on the way home this afternoon how he felt about it being his last day of school. He said he's part happy and part sad. Happy because he's a SECOND grader now, but sad because it was a good year and he's going to miss seeing all his classmates over the summer. I told him that I am determined (you're all my witnesses) to make sure he sees at least one or two classmates a week this summer, not counting the weeks we're out of town or he's in camps. I will admit to doing a woefully inadequate job of this last summer, and I don't want to repeat that mistake this summer. He needs to have that social time with other kids, especially since he doesn't have a sibling around all the time to hang out with in general, and frankly, I need some time to myself to get things done! Last summer was NOT a very productive one for me, and it was my own damn fault.

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to my little boy on completing a great year of 1st grade!!

As for us... well. What is there to say? Ten years. TEN YEARS!!

We've certainly had our share of ups and downs, and this year has already been full of them all on its own. That said, I think we've weathered the storms pretty well overall, and we're just grateful and thankful for the life we share together.

Are there things I would change? Sure. I'd love it if Super Man was home more and worked a little less. I'd love it if we weren't feeling a pinch financially with me not working. And, of course, I'd love it if we had another baby joining our family. I'd like our house to be on a quieter street, in a neighborhood, preferably closer to my family. I wish we could travel more together, the way we used to.

Are there things I wouldn't ever change? Absolutely. The way Super Man looks at me. The way he says my name. The feel of his strong, soft, warm hand in mine. The fact that he calls me pretty much every day during his lunch hour just to say hi and see how my day is going. That he says he loves me every time we get off the phone and before he leaves for work in the morning. That he's always willing to do something I want done but can't do myself or help me with something if I ask. I love his patience, his kindness and friendliness, that he doesn't sweat the small stuff or let cruel or insensitive people get him down.

There is no one I'd rather lie down next to every night or wake up beside every morning. There's no one I'd prefer to go through life beside, to grow old with. He's my other half. And I love him.

Happy 10th Anniversary, CH - I love you!!

With a happy heart,


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