big boy

This past Sunday was Super Boy's 7th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUPER BOY!!! :)

This child is:

- a miracle.
- incredibly sweet, loving and nurturing.
- funny and charismatic.
- clever, witty and wise.
- very intelligent and articulate.
- a social butterfly and chick-magnet.
- the most beautiful human being I've ever laid eyes on.
- the very center of my universe, the core of my soul.
- so much Super Man.
- so much me.
- truly my little Italian angel.

I never knew it was possible to love someone else so thoroughly and completely and unconditionally until I had my little boy seven years ago. And that's saying something because I adore my husband, have been madly in love with him since 1998. This child, our child, just takes my breath away and he has since the moment I laid eyes on him.

I can't believe he's already seven. I can close my eyes and picture and feel his tiny but sturdy little body in my arms on Day One, and when I open my eyes and behold the big boy he is now, it's stunning to me. The time went by so quickly, and he changed so imperceptibly from one day to the next. Seven years go by in the blink of an eye.

I have been so amazed by everything my son has learned over the years, and especially just by what he's learned this year alone. He's so smart... I can't believe how much he knows, by how inquisitive his mind is.

I'm overwhelmed by his capacity to love and care for those around him, by his intuitiveness and instinct in his relationships. He is so loving towards his family, and towards me in particular. I hope he never loses that. He is so sensitive in good ways, yet strong and assured in others. I'm impressed by him and his character, every single day.

I want such a great future for my boy. I picture the things that will unfold in his life from this point forward, and I just want all his dreams to come true. I want him to live an extraordinary life, surrounded by extraordinary people, and I have every belief that he will. He's a charmed little boy, blessed by angels. I absolutely adore him.

Happy birthday, my sweet boy. I wish only good things and happy days for you, lovey!!

With all the love in my heart,
Your Super Mom


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