stuck on repeat

Every winter, I promise myself that I'm NOT going to let Super Dog's pony-sized piles of poop linger in the yard all winter long, in the hopes of saving myself from hours of poop-scooping after the snow (finally) melts.


But guess what?

Yeah. You got it.

But... it's so COLD and SNOWY in the winter! Can you blame me for just leaving it to "deal with later?"

Ha. Yeah. I think not.

Yesterday I spent approximately two hours outside scooping up dog poop. I filled two 30-gallon garbage bags with dog poop.

And then I had to spend another hour in the yard this afternoon scooping up the rest. In another 30-gallon garbage bag.

I'm finally done. (I think.)

From now on, I'm going to revisit this post I wrote back in Spring of 2008 about this super-fun experience to remind myself not to let the biting cold and thigh-deep snow of November, December, January and February keep me from staying caught up on picking up the poop.

I swear, one of these years, I WILL get this right.


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