IUI attempt #2 definitely failed.

I tested yesterday - cycle day 29 - and got a negative, but my period hadn't shown up yet, so I thought *maybe* there was still hope.

My period just showed up, exactly 2 weeks post-IUI.

My heart is broken, again. You'd think that after 46 months of failure to conceive, I'd be used to it by now.

And I do feel a little bit numb to the full intensity of the grief. But not as much as I wish I were.

I can't fix this; I can't change it. All I can do is keep moving forward, move on to the next IUI cycle in February and pray that - as so many people keep saying - the third time is the charm.

Two down; two left.

God, please give me strength, peace and grace. Please, please, please...


  1. I know how heartbreaking this can be, as I have watched my brother and his wife go through it for about the last two years. *hugs*


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