Paper, Paper and More Paper

I've got a confession to make. (And for what it's worth, yes, I do realize that this is probably my umpteenth confession, but I don't care.)


Not the pretty decorative type, like what one would use for scrapbooking or card making. Nor do I hate lovely stationery, or cool little notebooks or notepads. LOVE those.

No, the kind of paper I hate is the kind that accumulates. The random bits and pieces that we (I) feel the need to hold onto for one reason or another, be they bills, old investment statements, insurance documents, receipts, interesting articles, Super Boy's first forays into writing. That sort of stuff.

I realize, of course, that SOME paper must be held onto for tax purposes and other common-sense reasons. But my hoarding of paper has far exceeded the required "must hold onto" rules. And it's simply inexplicable.

Many people have ZERO shredders in their homes; I have two. And their baskets are perpetually full. So it's not that I don't WANT to rid my life of the paper. It's just that the darn stuff multiplies like bunnies when left unattended for a few weeks (or months). It's insane.

That said, please excuse me while I go shred another enormous pile of useless and unneeded paper... And then file another enormous stack that I've let grow out of control.



Your Paper-Hoarding Pal SW


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