I LOVE Summer!

Friday: Ran errands with the Super Family. Bought a hammock (FINALLY!), put it together in under 10 minutes, and relaxed for a good 30 minutes in it before Super Man and the Super Kids wanted in.

Friday night: Milwaukee's lakefront fireworks. Gorgeous. A little ill-timed this year, but still fabulous.

Saturday: Local 4th of July parade with our neighborhood friends. Men saved the seats early, women & kids joined 30 minutes before the parade started, kids had a blast, we enjoyed the tradition. Then went to some Super Friends' house for a great cookout, conversation and fun for the whole fam. Came home and napped in the afternoon.

Saturday night: Our local fireworks display, seen from our favorite not-so-secret-now location out of the fray with our favorite neighborhood friends. Was truly a spectacular display that did our community proud and a wonderful way to cap off the glorious Independence Day.

Sunday: SUMMERFEST!! (Need I say more?)

Party on...


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