Back to School

I've been doing some thinking lately. Longer than lately, but still. I'm thinking about going back to school.

I've thought about it before, but never seriously. This time, however, I'm serious. And I've gotta admit, I'm a little excited at the thought.

Back when I was 27 or 28, I actually applied to law school, thinking that was the route I wanted to take in my career. I did okay on the LSAT, was wait-listed for several weeks at the one law school in my area to which I had applied, and then received a rejection letter when all was said and done.

It was devastating. I felt like a huge failure, even though receiving that news opened the door for the other major pursuit I'd been considering at the time, which was starting my family. Had I gotten accepted to law school, I'd have put off trying for a baby for another few years, and given what I'm going through now trying to have a second baby, God only knows if I'd have gotten pregnant. So, really, I'm glad that all worked out the way it did. Plus, after working closely with attorneys for a handful of years, it struck me that it really wasn't a profession I wanted to pursue. I enjoyed my role working with them, but ultimately decided that I didn't want to be ONE of them.

The whole subject of returning to school was then put on the back shelf for many years. Just a year or so ago, I finally came across that thought again. I dusted it off, examined it cautiously with a hint of interest, but felt that the timing just wasn't right. So back on the shelf it went.

But then, over the past few weeks, I've found that the thought has wriggled off it's shelf in the back of my mind and crept it's way up into my daily thoughts. Who knows, maybe it began its journey when I started becoming aware of feeling incredibly restless and trapped by my own intertia, and felt it had to do something to rescue me from it. Whatever the case, I'm glad it came back to the foreground of my thoughts.

My original Bachelor of Arts degree is in Psychology and Social Welfare. I worked not one moment in either of those fields. I just think that's important to point out.

Instead, my career path was a long and winding one that spanned 12 years prior to my leaving the workforce to stay at home and tend to Super Boy and our household. I don't regret that; not really. I learned SO much along the way, and found that one of my best qualities professionally is that I'm extremely adaptable, in that I'm not afraid to tackle new things and uncharted territory and make something great out of it.

That said, there are times when I kick myself for not being more thoughtful in choosing my major(s) more carefully the first time around. But, at 18, who REALLY knows what they want to do for the rest of their lives? At the time, I felt fairly certain that I wanted to be a pscyhologist and work with families and children. Unfortunately, I didn't realize at the time that I'd have to go on to earn a PhD in order to actually DO that. There was simply no way that I was going to spend another several years in school at that point, both because I was flat broke (and, more accurately, in a decent amount of debt) and I was burned out after being in school from the time I was 5 until I was 22. I wanted to experience life NOT in school.

Well, I've done that now. And I'm ready to go back. Only this time, my interests are a bit more artistic and technical in nature. I won't elaborate other than to say that I feel pretty confident that this time around I would actually be working in my field of study when all is said and done!

Here's hoping that all the planets align properly to make it doable.... Cross your fingers for me, readers.



  1. It is never too late to try something new. I know a woman who had always wanted to join the peace core and finally did so at the age of 75. Go for it! Life always has a way of setting us in the right direction and perhaps when you wanted to go before, it just wasn't the right time. That in no way means that this time isn't. Hooray for new experiences!


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