a wedding, a honeymoon, a house, a dog, a baby and nine years later...

Good afternoon, lovely readers. Did you know that today is my and Super Man's 9th wedding anniversary?

Well, it is. :)

Nine years.... Boy, it hardly seems like that much time could've passed since the day we vowed to love one another for the rest of our lives, through thick and thin, ups and downs, sickness and health, good times and bad. And yet, that much time has passed.

On this day nine years ago, I was a blushing bride of 26. I was equal parts excited beyond all possibility to be marrying the wonderful, sexy, smart, funny, humble, intelligent man of my dreams and mate of my soul and terrified of all the unknowns lying in wait for us.

Was I REALLY AND TRULY READY to be getting married and would I be a good Super Wife? Could I handle the pressures of being a Super Stepmom to a four-year-old child I had not created or even known existed until two years prior? Would our marriage - being a second marriage for Super Man - survive the rough early years of marriage and beat the odds on second marriages?

I couldn't know at that precise time what the answers to any of those questions would be. I had to have faith, to take a gigantic, enormous, huge leap of faith.

And so I did.

All these years later...

our engagement 07.04.99

our little soon-to-be family of three... 1999

man and wife 06.10.00

our trip to Paris and Italy 05.01

our "new" house 06.01

summer fun 08.01

our new dog 09.01

ahhh... pregnant 01.03

really REALLY pregnant 05.03

welcome to the world, little Super Boy 05.23.03

the Super Family 04.04 (i think)

a bit o' Halloween fun 10.05

summer vacation 2008

our "new" - and improved - house 12.08

the Super Family at Christmas 12.08

the Super Family at Super Boy's 6th birthday 05.23.09

Super Man & Super Woman 05.23.09

...here we are.

Nine years of wedded bliss. Or something like that, anway.

Nine years of perfection? No; nothing in life is perfect.

Nine years of happiness, overall? Absolutely.

Nine years full of rich, wonderful-if-sometimes-sticky life? You betchya.

Nine years full of love, despite the occasional bumps in the road? Indeed.

I feel so fortunate. I married my soul mate and best friend. And I can truly say that I love this man more deeply and honestly today than I ever have. Because he has stood by me through thick and thin, ups and downs, sickness and health, good times and bad. He is as ready and willing as I am to do what needs to be done to keep our marriage strong and happy and fulfilling, and to create a home for our children that is always warm, loving, safe and secure.

I love you, Super Man. With all my heart, forever and ever, no matter what.

~ Your CW Super Woman


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