Now that wasn't so bad, was it?

I went in this afternoon for the much anticipated and once delayed HSG (hysterosalpingogram) appointment that was unfortunately postponed from its originally scheduled date in early February.

Make no mistake, I was nervous as hell.

And I wasn't just nervous about having a foreign object jammed through my cervix (yet again - remember the endometrial biopsy I had last August?) and then having normally benign but, for me, potentially deadly dye injected through it into the recesses of my uterus, although that was quite enough to make me hyperventilate just a little bit.

No, I was also nervous about the curse that ruined my last scheduled HSG attempt rearing its ugly head again and thwarting my current attempt to just get this thing DONE. You know - because when I first scheduled the appointment for February, I had the NERVE to attempt to vacuum my back entryway 3 hours before the appointment and ended up falling down the stairs leading to the back landing and severely spraining my foot, and having to make a detour to the ER at a different hospital instead of going to the Radiology Department at my usual hospital to get the HSG done.

But you know what? I decided to LAUGH in the face of that curse: I managed to preoccupy myself this morning by - wait for it - CLEANING AND VACUUMING this morning to forget some of my nerves in advance of the appointment. Yes, I carried my vacuum down those same back landing stairs - WITHOUT falling and hurting myself, I might add. And then I pushed my luck even further by carrying my vacuum up the 15 stairs to my 2nd floor, vacuuming up there, and then daring to carry it back DOWN those 15 stairs, and I managed to do THAT without wiping out and breaking anything, too.

Can you say "awesome?"

It was so nice to get my house cleaned and, in the process, distract myself from the nerves I had over the impending appointment. And it was also nice to know that I really WASN'T cursed, that the Universe WASN'T trying to tell me that I shouldn't be pursuing this fertility test, and to realize that I'm not ALWAYS a clutz of the highest magnitude. ;)

So, back to the test itself.

It was partially what I expected it would be in that I had a good understanding of the basic mechanics of it, although I thought it would take quite a bit longer than it actually did. However, I expected it to hurt like hell (sort of like the endometrial biopsy, but worse), and I was also nervous about the iodine in the dye potentially giving me an anaphylactic reaction, despite the fact that they premedicated me again with a combo of prednisone and Benadryl.

Imagine my very pleasant surprise when it really wasn't painful! And when I didn't die from the dye! It was like a dream come true, I tell you.

Yes, it was uncomfortable - having anything jammed through your cervix isn't very pleasant, but it was literally just uncomfortable, sort of like normal menstrual cramps.

Once the tube-thingy was through my cervix, the radiologist inserted and inflated a little balloon to hold my cervix open before injecting the dye. He had warned that I might feel some pressure when they inflated the balloon, but I didn't (amen). He also warned that I might feel a strange sensation when they injected the dye, but again, I didn't (amen).

Then they moved the little x-ray-type machine thingy over my abdomen to watch what happened to the dye once it was injected.

It was flat out WEIRD to watch the screen as the dye spread like wildfire through my uterus and started its journey through my fallopian tubes. He said it took a little pressure to get the fluid through my tubes, but it did go all the way through and out the ends, which is what they want to see, so there weren't any full blockages. And this is good news!

The only questionable thing is that the doctor saw what he believes to be a benign fibroid in my uterus. He'll of course be sending all the info to my OB/GYN, and he said I'd have to follow-up with her on the fibroid as far as whether or not she wants to remove it. He did say, however, that the presence of the fibroid wouldn't be preventing me from conceiving, but I would imagine that its presence could have an impact on the amount of room for the baby to grow if I were to get pregnant again. I'd be cool with removing it, but I guess we'll see what my OB wants to do.

It was all over in a matter of about 10-15 minutes, and though I expected to be in some pain afterward, I really haven't had anything worse than minor menstrual-type cramping and spotting. Thank heavens! I'm exhausted, but I'm sure the whole thing took a lot out of me mentally and physically, so that's no big surprise. It'll be an early bedtime for Super Woman though, I will say that!

In any case, there is nothing obvious going on as far as why I'm not conceiving, and hopefully now that I've had my tubes "flushed," I'll have some good news sooner rather than later.

Send me some baby dust, readers!! Whatever you can spare, that is. ;)

Peace & love,


  1. Hey, I saw your comment on The Pioneer Woman's phobia book post. I, too, suffer greatly from emetophobia. I've been actively treated for it since I was 15!!


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