You're a Super Star, That's What You Are...

I'm talking about Super Boy here. My little man is "Super Star of the Week" in his class this week, and he couldn't be more excited about it if it came with a lifetime supply of Hubba Bubba and every Lego Bionicle character ever made.

Well, I take that back. He probably would be more excited if it came with those things. But I digress.

What does it mean to be "Super Star of the Week" in Senior Kindergarten?

It means you get to sit in a cool little director's chair that says "Super Star" on the back while all the other kids have to sit on the carpet during carpet time.

It also means that you get to be second in line (behind that day's "Leader of the Day") whenever the class leaves the classroom.

You get to make a big poster with pictures of and information about yourself and your life to bring to class, where it hangs in a special place on the wall. You then get to show it to your classmates and tell them all about it. (Super Boy showed zero interest in making this with me, so I made it myself. It turned out pretty well, if I may say so myself.)

Additionally, it means that you can have a parent come in and read a story. I went in this afternoon after Super Boy picked out the books "Go Away Big Green Monster" and "Parts." He read the first one to the class - much to my and his wonderful teacher's mutual delight! - and I read the second one. The kids got a big kick out of both of them. It was very cute.

The Super Star can invite his or her parent(s) to come in to eat lunch with them, which I also did today. It was fascinating getting an up-close-and-personal glimpse at the lunch table conversations and antics of 5- & 6-year old kids. It also clued me in to what I already suspected was happening with regard Super Boy and his cold lunches: He eats the goodies first and saves the sandwich for last. The little stinker. At least he managed to eat EVERYTHING in his lunch today; that's not always the case.

And the Super Star can also bring in a treat, which Super Boy will be doing tomorrow. We're going to make brownies this afternoon - yum!

The teacher tries to tie in each child's "Super Star" week with their birthday, but in this case, there were several kids with May birthdays, so Super Boy was this week's "Super Star" even though his birthday isn't until the 23rd. He doesn't really care, though. It means he gets to bring in special treats two weeks in a row. (The kid is a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of 'em!)

My little Super Boy is always a Super Star in my book. But it sure is fun to see him enjoy this special week of recognition and celebration at school with his teacher and classmates.

Shine on, baby!


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