My sweet little babaloo, Super Boy, turned six years old on Saturday, May 23rd at precisely 12:45pm. I am now the mom of a giant, genius six-year-old boy.

I say he's a giant because the kid is already, like, 52 inches tall. I swear, he's grown six inches in the past year. At least that's how it seems given that the jeans that were a tad long on him last September are now better known as "manpris."

And I say he's a genius because - I kid you not - the boy assembled a 188-piece Bionicle and - AND - the huge Lego Power Miner's Crystal Sweeper all by himself in the past three days. These things are generally for kids ages 8-14 years old, and Super Boy assembled them in a matter of a few hours each. At just SIX years old.

Hell, it takes Super Man and me a few hours to assemble them - you'd think it would at least take the child a few days. Sheesh.

All this from a boy who was born a mere 8 pounds 10.5 ounces and 21 inches long just six short years ago. Of course, his head measurement was off the charts from the moment he made his arrival (hence the C-section, I might add), and Super Man always said it was because of all the brilliant grey matter he'd passed on to his only son...

In all seriousness, I look at this gorgeous, sweet, hilarious, intelligent, charismatic, sensitive, strong, tall child and cannot believe he's the same one I birthed what seems like only yesterday. I am overwhelmed with love and pride for this child, and I find myself easily picturing the man he will become - so much like the boy he is today, only... more.

He amazes me every single day, through something he says or does, or a particularly insightful observation or thoughtful, deep question, or a sweet little gesture that seems far beyond his years. I could not have asked for a more lovely, wonderful blessing in my entire life - that much I know for sure. My heart literally overflows.

And, thus, the happy occasion of Super Boy's sixth birthday was celebrated much over the holiday weekend. The big birthday party was held at a fabulous local movie theater where we were all treated to a special private showing of "Night at the Museum II." The party was a BIG hit - the kids AND the adults all enjoyed the movie and the venue. Two of the three sets of grandparents came to town for the big event, along with many friends. Super Boy said it was his best birthday party ever. That made me smile. :)

Here's to another year of having the pleasure and honor of being the Super Mom to such an amazing, wonderful and awesome little Super Boy.



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