Kudos to Teachers!!

This week happens to be Teacher Appreciation Week at Super Boy's school and, I've gotta say, I think our PTO does a really nice job of recognizing the hard-working, caring and dedicated teachers and staff.

Super Boy has only been at the school for two years, and I've found this special week to be a ton of fun to be a part of both years. The fabulous PTO parents organize breakfasts and lunches for the entire staff each day of the week. I'm not talking about doing the same bland, boring thing each day either - they have a varied and really quite nice menu for each day. For lunch tomorrow, they asked parents to select a teacher or staff member for whom to bring in a special bag lunch, which I thought was a really nice touch. They also sent home lovely little cards on which the kids could write their own notes to their teacher and another staff member to say why they appreciate them, and asked the kids to bring in a special treat for their teachers on Friday.

As a co-room parent, I've been able to help specifically recognize my son's teachers by planning special time in class to present the teacher with gifts from all the students and parents, and to bring in a treat. This year, we did our special celebration on Monday morning, and Super Boy's teacher was so touched and appreciative.

I feel so grateful and blessed that my son has had two great teachers to start off his academic career on the best possible foot.

His K4 teacher last year was just what the doctor ordered for introducing young kids to the school experience. I was amazed at her ability to effectively and enjoyably keep the attention of nearly 20 four- and five-year olds and teach them about all sorts of amazing things for 3.5 hours every day - and particularly in her ability to do that with not one but TWO classes, morning and afternoon! Clearly that required a lot of organization and good time-management, and she was great at that. One of the things I loved best about her was her passion for art, and the way she instilled that in the kids both by teaching them about the great masters and then having them create their own artwork in the style of each of the masters, to experiment with different forms and textures. I will always treasure the artwork Super Boy created last year, and I thank his K4 teacher for making that such an interesting and appealing subject for Super Boy.

Super Boy's K5 teacher this year is the epitome of the perfect senior kindergarten teacher. She is so incredibly sweet, caring and kind - to students and parents alike - that it's a complete pleasure to help out in her class. She's very organized and has a way of holding her students' attention without raising her voice. I LOVE that she has been able to teach Super Boy to read and write at 5-years-old, too; I'm just so excited for HIM that he's developed those skills! Super Boy adores her, and I know she really enjoys having him in class, too. And I've so enjoyed getting to know her that I sincerely hope we will continue our friendly relationship long after Super Boy has left her class.

In a nutshell, it's been a pleasure to celebrate my son's teachers and the other school staff members who have contributed in ways great and small to his thus far fantastic school experience.

I think it says a lot when your child looks forward to going to school each day, and misses being at school during the various breaks (or even just on the days when he MUST stay home because he's sicker than a dog)! The sweetest instance of this happening was when he cried toward the end of this past Winter Break because he missed his teacher and classmates terribly much after only two weeks off school. I don't known how he'll survive this Summer Vacation!

As much as I love celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week, this time of year admittedly makes me a teeny bit nostalgic and sad: Not only does it mark another impending birthday for my little man - he'll turn 6 in just three short weeks - but it marks another school year coming to an imminent close. And I have a really hard time saying goodbyes.

The thought of Super Boy leaving his K5 teacher's class makes me sad because we've both had so much fun in his class this year. Thankfully, I know that he will have yet another wonderful teacher next year, and I know that he - and I - will both look forward to forging another new relationship with that teacher.

To all the teachers out there, THANK YOU for teaching our children and for doing so with passion, compassion and enthusiasm!

Peace & love,
Super Woman


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