Thinking Spring

Just rolling out another update to the look and feel of the AESW blog, chosen from among the many lovely FREE BACKGROUNDS offered by Aqua Poppy Designs! Thanks, you fabulous designer over at Aqua Poppy!!

By the way, I hope I'm not confusing too many of you by switching things up on a monthly/bimonthly basis this year. Occasionally, I picture some random reader typing in my web address and coming to the blog only to find that it looks TOTALLY different and being like "What the hell...? Where am I??"

If I am confusing anyone, feel free to write a comment telling me to KNOCK IT OFF. I just keep feeling a need for change and this seems like the best (and easiest) way to satisfy that need.

Plus, look at how pretty it is! The flowers, the spring colors... It actually makes me feel a tiny bit warmer and more hopeful and optimistic that winter WILL in fact end at some point.

You've got to understand that I live in the upper Midwest. It's still COLD here more often than not at this time of year, not to mention brown and ugly and wet and generally lacking the color green.

I'm getting desperate at this point. I'll take my green wherever I can find it.

Sadly, we're expecting more WHITE this weekend. A dusting of snow tomorrow and then 3-5 inches at some point in the next few days. I'm actually groaning in despair here; can you hear it?

Anyhoo, that's what's all behind my decision to change the background. Again. (Sorry!)

I'm thinking spring, thinking spring, thinking spring...

You may have also noticed some other changes on Average Everyday Super Woman. I've done a little "spring cleaning" here, so to speak. More on that to follow...

For now, I hope you're all warm, dry and somewhere lots warmer than here. :)

Sweet dreams!


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