Oink, oink. **Sniffle, sniffle.**

For crying out loud, seriously? SERIOUSLY??

A pandemic??

Nice. One more thing for all of us to worry about!

The swine flu is spreading like wildfire in Mexico, the U.S. and nine other countries. And these are not third-world countries, my friends. They're developed western nations, much like ours.

Is it just me, or does it seem like this thing just kind of came out of nowhere? A week ago, we were all just tooling along, minding our own business, and then all of a sudden in the past few days - WHAM! - it's all over the news that there's this new, weird, deadly flu virus circling the globe, and now within a matter of days we've ended up at a Phase 5 WHO Pandemic Alert level.

That's a little scary, am I right? Especially considering that TONS of people have just returned from Spring Break trips to Mexico and are now back in class with all the kids who were stuck at home over the holiday. Would all those families know yet if they'd been exposed? Beats me! I guess we'll find out soon enough.

This kind of thing totally freaks me out. Anyone who has gone through a history class knows how devastating other pandemics have been to the world population at various points in time, and this virus seems to be cutting a pretty wide path of devastation, and in the demographics that aren't usually considered high risk, including people my age, and my husband's age.

Which brings me to another point: My husband travels frequently for business. He's sitting on airplanes at least twice every other week, surrounded by people from all over. Even if we manage to dodge the swine flu bullet by being our usual home-body selves, what happens if Super Man picks it up while traveling on business? The thought of anything happening to the Super Kids or Super Man is horrifying to me.

I really, REALLY hope that the CDC gets a handle on this quickly and that we can somehow stop the spread. And I hope that the antivirals are highly effective at keeping this at bay before the virus mutates. I think it's time that we all said a little prayer, folks!

Oy vey.


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