Beautiful Day

Today was one of those rare PHENOMENAL spring days in southern Wisconsin in that the temperature actually got to about 80 degrees, the sky was an endless clear blue, there was a steady breeze throughout most of the day, and the air smelled of summer.

It was, in a word, sublime.

I spent the middle part of the day with a relatively new Super Girlfriend, hiking a short way down a wooded path to a secluded beach along the shore of Lake Michigan, where we ate a picnic lunch in the sun, chatted comfortably, and spent time looking for cool rocks in the sand.

The temperature was easily 10 (or more) degrees cooler down on the beach than it had been up at the street-level, but occasionally an oddly thermal-heated breeze would blow and it would feel like someone had blasted a warm hair dryer in our direction. It was a very bizarre sensation, but welcome given the otherwise cool nature of the breeze.

And the water... ZOINKS! It was FREEZING cold (as I learned after dipping a toe into the surf), but looked exactly like the Caribbean Sea, all blue-green and inviting. So deceiving!

It was an awesome place to go for a picnic lunch, but I have to admit that it's not a place I would've sought out myself. And I say that not because it wasn't a beautiful little spot or because I didn't enjoy it, but because I'm generally not that adventurous and I can almost guarantee that I'd never have stumbled upon a place such as this by accident given the way I go about my life. No, I'm the person who goes to the same parks and beaches where everyone else goes, even though they're crowded and crazy, just because they're easier to find and I run little danger of getting lost - or attacked - in the woods trying to get there. :) Fortunately my Super Friend is a much more intrepid and adventurous soul, and I KNOW this isn't the only cool and out-of-the-way place she knows about, so I've decided to stick with her and let her lead the way!

In any case, it was the perfect way to spend a few hours on such a gorgeous day!

Our evening was spent in an equally perfect way, hanging out with other wonderful Super Friends in one of their backyards, having pizzas and beer for dinner and listening to the children play. It's how we spent many a summer evening last year, and although those lovely evenings seemed a lifetime away after the looooooong Wisconsin winter, tonight's fun made us all excited for the many more summer evenings to be spent in that fashion in the months to come.

Summer is nearly here and this girl couldn't be any happier about it. :)

Peace out, kids.


  1. I got relaxed just reading your post! I miss summer as well. Thanks for the reminder that it will, eventually, be summer again.

    LOVE your blog design!


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