Friday the 13th: Welcome to My Nightmare

I'm really not a very superstitious person. Let me just get that out there right now, before I proceed.

I've had - and adored - a black cat. I've walked under ladders (considering my husband is on one in various locations around the perimeter of our house pretty much all summer long, they're hard to avoid). I've broken mirrors.

I've even had the audacity to step on cracks in the sidewalk.


Today is Super Man's birthday. His 43rd birthday, to be exact. (Happy Birthday, baby!)

And we have company coming to our house tomorrow. My Super Dad and Super Stepmom, as well as Super Man's Super Sister, are all coming into town tomorrow and spending the night at our house, so I've been doing major spring cleaning for the past three days to ready the house, and I spent this morning stripping the beds and washing bedding.

Between Super Man's birthday today and the impending arrival of our family members tomorrow, I had plans for my afternoon. I had a mile-long "To Do" list of things to get done by 5:00pm.

Super Woman's To Do List:

* Pick up Super Man's jacket from shoe repair shop. (He ripped the soft, supple leather on the back when it got caught on the screen door latch. Ugh.)

* Pick up flowers for Super Man's birthday.

* Pick up Super Man's drycleaning & drop off 8 million hangers that were in the closet. On the floor. (Ugh.)

* Go to Post Office for more stamps and to mail grossly belated baby gift to cousins whose baby was born in EARLY DECEMBER.

* Run to Mall for GC for Super Man. (Which, of course, was to be his big gift this year.)

* Grocery shopping. (Was going to make steaks tonight, in honor of Super Man's birthday. Also needed general food items, especially with company coming, as am down to one 1/2 gallon of milk, cheese, salad dressing and apples in the fridge and a motley assortment of crap in the pantry.)

Guess what? I accomplished only the top two things on my list.


Because as I was driving from the florist to the drycleaner, I got a phone call on my cell phone. From Super Boy's school.

Super Boy was in the office complaining of a very bad headache.

The school secretary said it was his second time in the office this afternoon for this headache. When she checked his temp the first time, it was fine, but he still wasn't feeling well.

Could I pick him up?

Yep. "I'll be there in 2 minutes."

I arrived at school to find Super Boy's face flushed, his eyes glassy, and his head in his hands. He was clearly not feeling well. We packed up his stuff, drove straight home, and I checked his temp again.


Not record-breaking, but obviously not normal either.

After some chewable Motrin and ice water, Super Boy is resting comfortably on the sofa with me at his feet. And my To Do list is sitting in my purse, barely begun much less finished.

I called Super Man to tell him that the plans for dinner will likely be changing since I'm now home-bound with Super Boy. He might just have to pick something up on his way home tonight. That'll be special.

And I emailed our family members to tell them that they might want to reconsider their plans to come tomorrow, to avoid exposure to whatever it is that Super Boy's coming down with. I'm especially concerned about my Super Dad and Super Stepmom, as their visit here is more a matter of convenience: They're flying out of our airport Sunday morning to visit my Super Stepsister and her family, which includes a 2-year-old toddler and a 7-month old baby. I'd hate for them to end up sick and/or carry whatever it is that Super Boy has with them to Virginia and share it with my niece and nephew. They're of course still welcome; but it's a "come at your own risk" sorta deal now!

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by this. For Super Girl's birthday two weekends ago, we went to her - and our - favorite sushi restaurant for her birthday dinner and pretty much right as we were arriving, I suddenly felt super sick to my stomach and ended up unable to eat. I felt sicker with each passing minute, so we left as soon as she, Super Man and Super Boy were done with their sushi, and I spent my night in the bathroom. It's only fitting that now another member of the family is sick for Super Man's birthday!

It definitely feels like a Friday the 13th. Oy vey.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUPER MAN!! You are the love of my life, and I hope that your birthday is still lovely, even if it's not *quite* what we had planned. :)

Super Woman


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