And this is why he owns my heart...

This morning when Super Boy and I were getting into our outerwear to head to school, I pulled my neck gaiter (a tube-like fleece thing that you wear in place of a scarf to keep your neck/lower face warm) out of the tangle of mittens, gloves, hats and scarves in the back entryway. I couldn't remember if I'd washed it recently, so before pulling it over my head, I smelled it (and, yes, it was fresh).

Super Boy saw me do this and said, "Does it smell like you, Mommy?"

I paused for a moment, warmth spreading through my soul. "What does Mommy smell like, baby?"

He scrunched up his nose for a minute, deep in thought, before replying:


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And that, my friends, is why that child will forever own my heart and soul...


  1. That is PRICELESS! I hope you gave him lots of kisses right then! :)

  2. If you didn't start crying instantly, well, you're a stronger woman than I am!

  3. It's all just SO ironic, because he's on this huge kick lately where I'm not allowed to give him kisses "in public" (or "in front of the family"), because it embarrasses him. So for him to say that I SMELL like kisses was a little shocking!

    But to answer your questions, YES, I teared up AND grabbed him and kissed his sweet little cheeks.

    Despite his protests. ;)

  4. Hi there,
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    Izzy Rose

  5. Izzy - Sure, please do put me on your blog roll! You've got a great site. :)



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