Wow, it's a veritable heat wave...

Hip, hip, hooray!!

The temperature has really SOARED here in Wisconsin over the past two days. It's CRAZY.

Yeah. We're pretty lucky to live here in mid-January.

Remember my last post when I talked about how COLD it was here? As in sub-zero temperatures with -30 degree wind chills?

Well! Guess what?

A heat wave rolled through. Today it was a balmy 17 degrees.

Yeah, I'm thinking about breaking out the summer clothes.

It was just SO WARM today that we decided to go ice skating and enjoy the warmth. I was tempted to go in my shorts and a tank top, but Super Man talked me out of it.

Here's a few pictures of our ice skating adventure in the practically summer temps.

Don't we look warm?

And... And.... Aren't you jealous that you don't live here, too?

Yeah. I thought so.


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