Winter Wonderland

What a crazy week!

Can I just tell you that my son's school closed yesterday and today NOT due to excessive snow, but due to excessive cold?

Our temperatures here in Wisconsin have been well below zero since Wednesday night, and the wind chills have been even lower. Right now, the temperature is -21, and the wind chill is -34.

No, those aren't typos.

Poor Super Dog - every time she has to go outside to go potty, you can see the look of weary resignation on her sweet little dog face. The minute I open the backdoor she SPRINTS across the yard to do her business and then SPRINTS back to the door.

This from a dog who typically will dilly dally outside for at least a good 5 minutes anytime you let her out, and only reluctantly comes back when you call her. She only sprints when she knows you're holding food of some sort.

Poor girl, this morning she raced back to the door faster than usual and was actually lifting one of her front paws off the pavement because it was so cold. She had frozen dog slobber hanging form her mouth, too. And she was out there only about 1 minute. :(

With having these two unexpected days off of school, I've been struggling to think of things to do with Super Boy. It's obviously too cold to go outside and play in the snow, and it's also a bit cold to just go out and do random errands, etc. without a damn good reason.

Like today. We HAVE to go get a birthday gift for a birthday party we're attending this weekend, so now I'm trying to think of what else we can do while we're out.

Super Boy desperately needs a haircut, so that's high on the agenda. And, I'm sorry, but Mama needs a Starbucks.

What else...? Hm.

Well, wherever you are, awesome readers, I hope that you are much warmer than we are here in southern Wisconsin. If not, bundle up and stay safe.

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful..."

(I hate winter.)


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