Undecorating stinks.

I hate this aspect of winter. The undecorating after the holidays.

It's so depressing, isn't it?

Granted, my Christmas tree is SO crazy dried out and brown-tinged that I've been afraid to plug in the tree lights for the past several days for fear the tree would go up in flames like a 4th of July sparkler.

But I can still smell that evergreen scent that I so love. And there's nothing like the soft glow of a few hundred tiny white lights nestled among green branches to warm a soul in the dead of winter.

You'd think that with as much as I love the decorating of the tree, I would at least feel somewhat nostalgic and fondly reminiscent as I undecorate it. But you'd be wrong.

I HATE undecorating the tree.

I dragged my sorry heels all damn day just thinking about it. And even then I cursed a blue streak as I dragged the big storage containers up from the basement and plucked all of our lovely little ornaments out of the tree, triggering a shower of dried out pine needles with each pluck and tug which I'll be vacuuming up later (grr).

And now that my tree is sitting there in front of the big picture window all naked and ugly, I can't wait for Super Man to get home and drag it's sorry ass out to the curb.

I feel a little guilty for saying that, by the way. We had a beautiful tree this year. And I love trees - all trees.

Well, not ALL trees. In fact, I really hate the stupid buckthorn trees that we seem to have all over our yard. I hate the icky black berries they produce, berries that stain our driveway, our sidewalks, our deck. And I especially hate when those berries end up on the shoes of my family -- and then on the floor in my house. I can feel my blood pressure increase just thinking about it.

OK, so I don't love all trees. Fine! But I DO love all Christmas trees.

Naked or not, they symbolize things I love: family, friends, the holidays.

That being the case, I'll make sure that Super Man cradles our pathetic, dried out little tree warmly in his arms as he hauls it to the curb.

(I'm such a smartass.)

Alright. Enough procrastinating. I need to put all the bags & boxes of ornaments, lights and Christmas decorations back in the storage containers.

For the record, I'm going to let Super Man haul the containers back downstairs. It's the least he can do after I wrestled with the tree to get the damn star & lights off single-handedly. I'm lucky I didn't plunge through the picture window along with the tree, to be perfectly honest. It was touch-and-go for a minute there!

Farewell, Christmas & o' Christmas tree 2008. Until we meet again...



  1. Ugh. The post holiday blues. The big let down. I HATE IT! I hate taking down the decorations and taking down the tree. It's terrible. And now it's grey and wet outside. Wah!


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