Time to get serious. I mean it. Seriously!

I had to go in today for another repeat Pap smear, as part of my ongoing abnormal AGCUS Pap smear saga. Not such a big deal in and of itself: I'm really not one who minds getting these done.

Granted, it's not my favorite thing in the world, and I can think of, oh, about a million other things I'd rather spend 30 minutes doing, but there really are far worse things to endure than a Pap smear.

Like an endometrial biopsy. You want something to piss and moan about, something to shed a tear over, have one of THOSE done. Then we'll talk.

No, I don't really care much when it comes to getting Pap smears. So, fine. I had my repeat one done today.

I talked to my ob/gyn about the situation. I asked her why I'm still having these abnormal Paps, and what the next steps will be, since we're now on about 18 months of all but one smear coming back abnormal. She said that they usually will repeat the Paps for a solid two years, since it can take that long for whatever is causing the abnormal cells to clear out.

I should note that she's really not too worried yet, because my endocervical biopsy, endocervical curettage and endometrial biopsy all came back completely fine. She also said that me getting pregnant would be the one big way to put an end to the abnormal Paps, since the process of pregnancy and vaginal delivery are GREAT for causing cervical cell sloughing and turnover.

Unfortunately, I had a C-section with Super Boy nearly 6 years ago, and odds are I'd have another one if I could ever fucking get pregnant again. But you never know. If my next pregnancy (God willing) were to go well and without issue, and if the baby were facing the right way in the end, I'd certainly not be opposed to trying to push the little bugger out.

Which leads me to my next topic: getting pregnant.

My despair over not getting pregnant with baby #2 yet has finally reached a bit of a fever pitch in my heart and in my head, and I'm ready. I'm ready.

All around, I'm ready. I want another baby so badly I can taste it, feel it, smell it, breathe it. I see babies and my body physically aches. Not to mention what it does to my heart. I am so, so ready.

So I asked my good Super Doctor what we need to do next. And this is what she said:

1.) My dude has to get his swimmers checked. At almost 43, it's possible that there's slightly fewer of them and that they might be moving a little more slowly. Doubtful (according to Super Man), but possible. :) My plan is to get this done in the next week.

2.) I will likely need a HSG - histosalpingogram. Long story short, they'll inject some die into my reproductive system to make sure that my fallopian tubes aren't blocked and that everything is getting where it needs to go. To prep for that, she took a few cultures during my repeat Pap today to make sure we're good to go for this test, which I'll have shortly after the start of my next cycle.

3.) Depending on what 1. and 2. above show, she may stop there if we have the answers we need. If not, they'll also do a post-coital exam and make sure that my cervix is allowing safe passage, that my cervical mucus isn't killing the little guys or preventing them from getting to the target, and to see how the little guys are doing in there.

Based on the fact that my cycle is like clockwork and I'm having all the usual signs and symptoms of normal ovulatory cycles, she doesn't think it's a matter of me not ovulating. It's more a question of what else is going on with the swimmers and the pool itself.

I so hope that '09 will be our year. The year we get pregnant. The year we add another little one to our family.

Gosh. Just imagine...


Send some baby dust this way, friends....

Lots of love,


  1. Sorry to hear of the possible problems with the swimming pool and the little swimmers.

    Sending baby dust your way. Hope everything works out soon.

  2. My sister once told me that according to Feng Shui if you want to get pregnant you should not clean under your bed. The logic is that energy builds up under there which helps you conceive & cleaning wipes that energy out. Kind of gross, but I welcome any excuse to bypass the task for a while. It won't hurt, my friend! Good luck!!!

  3. Thanks, ladies! And Sarah, I'll welcome any excuse I can NOT to clean under my bed. Every once in awhile a dust bunny will hop out from under there and actually SCARE me! Between dust and dog hair, they really can get quite large and start to resemble small animals. eek ;)

  4. I'll send all my fertility your way! Luckily, my wife and I had NO trouble at all. It's almost as if we could look at each other a certain way and she'd get pregnant. After 4 kids, all our fertility mojo can be yours! Here it comes!


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