A Million Little Pictures

Super Man and I have a problem.

We love photography.

We love taking pictures.

Of the kids, the skies, the dog, our friends, our families, cool cars, cute animals. The list goes on, and on, and on... And on.

Thus, we have literally thousands of photos - digital and otherwise - crammed into all the nooks and crannies of our house, and all the nooks and crannies on our hard drives (both internal and external).

All, I might add, in no particular order or in any way categorized.

Nice, yes?

When we went through our enormous (and exhausting) house-purging exercise in the early fall of '08, I at least made a good faith effort to gather all of the paper photos into one area. Now, we have these nifty built-in shelves all along one wall of our living room, and we cleared out one double-doored section specifically to house all the photos. Unfortunately, we were only able to fit about 2/3 of the photos in there, so the rest are still scattered hither and yon throughout the house.

What are we going to do with all those photos, you might ask? Well... Well...

We have no idea.

Once upon a time, I had grand visions of scrapbooking all "the best of" photos into lovely little books, complete with witty journaling and artsy embellishment. And then I realized the SHEER VOLUME of photos we possessed, and those visions went down the crapper.

At this point, our only goal is to corral them all in one spot!

If we're ever able to accomplish that - and it's a BIG if, trust me - we will need to go through each and every envelope and each and every photo to toss out the bad shots or duplicates, and then scan the rest into digital format.

THEN we will have to organize the photos in some meaningful way. God help us.

As for our ridiculous bevy of digital photos, let me just toss a number out there for you: 12,000. Yes, 12,000. That's how many digital photos Super Man and I have between two laptops, a desktop computer and an external hard drive.

It's sick. It's a sickness, I tell you!!

Just last night, I finally started going through the digital pictures on my laptop hard drive and assigning keywords to the photos, so that we can at least start sorting them based on what we're looking for. I think I made it through about 500 of the 5,000 on my hard drive alone.


Anyway, moving on! (I'm going to give myself a migraine if I keep thinking about the 12,000 pictures sitting willy-nilly on our computers.)

Super Girl was with us over the weekend, and happened to be looking through photos on Super Man's computer, trying to find a recent photo of she and I together to use for a birthday present she wants to make for my birthday later this week. Super Man was doing the same exercise on my laptop. Sadly, we could find NO pictures of just the two of us that are newer than 4 years old, even though I'm certain - CERTAIN - that there should be at least a few, somewhere.

It made me realize that while I have gotten better at carving out time for just Super Girl and me during her time with us, I haven't prompted Super Man to take pictures of us alone.

She's going to be 13 in a month. And she'll be 16 in three short years. And then she'll be 18 just two milliseconds after that. And the opportunities for us to have pictures taken together will gradually dwindle down to a holiday or special occasion here and there.

We need to get on this! We need to fix this!

On another note, while Super Girl was perusing the old pictures on Super Man's computer, she came across a great one that I don't recall ever seeing. It was a picture of her and Super Boy, taken by Super Man when Super Girl was 8 or 9 and Super Boy was almost 2 years old. They were snuggling on our bed, facing each other, and it was one of the sweetest pictures I've ever seen. I plan to have it printed and framed, along with a dozen others we came across.

We are blessed, truly.


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