Ain't Life Grand?

Today, I turned 35!

My day started much as it does every other day, with Super Man waking me with a kiss.

He then invited me to join him downstairs to open my card from him. Inside the beautiful card was a separate sheet of paper, folded.

And inside that was the secret itinerary for my day. :)

Super Man sent me to The Waters Spa in Kohler, Wisconsin, for the bulk of the day today. Once there, I received a 50-minute massage, a 50-minute spa manicure, and a lovely spa lunch.

And the whole experience was amazing. I felt SO relaxed, so peaceful, so... so... zen when it was all said and done.

It was the perfect way to thank my body for getting me through 35 years (not to mention bearing Super Boy!), and the perfect way for Super Man to honor me and my special day.

It was, in a word, sublime.

To celebrate the start of another year of a blessed life, I've decided to update the look of my blog - again (I hope you like it!) - and you'll also notice something else that's NEW: Average Everyday Super Woman and I were accepted into the exclusive BlogHer Ads network! As such, you'll now see cool graphic ads on the right-hand side of the screen when you visit AESW.

Thank you, readers, for sticking with me and reading about all the things that occupy my mind and my life. Here's to another great year!



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