My uterus is screaming.

An hour or so ago, I went to the website of one Heather B. Armstrong (who some of you may know as Dooce), as I do every day, to find that one of the funniest women in America is expecting her second child.

Dooce has, like me, struggled to conceive a second child. However, unlike me, she has succeeded at last, and her little miracle is due in June of 2009.

In the same breath as I was shouting "YES!" and my heart was expanding with joy at her wonderful news, my eyes welled up with tears and my poor, pathetic little uterus contracted in sickening self-pity because it's not me sharing such joyous news.

I'm not proud of that, and I truly don't begrudge her this most amazing blessing. I just really really wish that I could also be announcing that happiest of news on my own blog.

On a related note, Super Man just called me to say goodnight (he's traveling on business at the moment) and when he asked how I was, my answer was the only one I could give:

I want another baby.

Thankfully, he does, too.

Call me crazy, but I really think 2009 just might be our year.

hope / pray / hope / pray / hope / pray / hope / pray... **baby**


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