Like Socks in the Dryer...

I don't get it.

Super Boy managed to make it through ALL of Junior Kindergarten - at FOUR years old - without losing his gloves even once the whole winter.

He's been wearing gloves to Senior Kindergarten now for all of, what, maybe a month since the weather turned cold, and has already lost one glove from that pair PLUS one glove from the back-up pair I thankfully had the foresight to buy a few weeks ago!

So he's managed to lose TWO gloves in a span of TWO weeks.

Seriously, kid? Are you kidding me?? At this rate, I'll be flat broke by the time spring rolls around!

I'm floored. After he lost the first one last week, I hounded him EVERY DAY to put his gloves in his pockets - and zip them shut - as soon as he took them off, to be sure they stayed put. Every single day I told him this, people.

So today when he walked out of the school sporting ONE solitary glove, my eyes rolled back into my skull with such ferocity that I thought maybe they'd never come back.

When at last they did, I gave him the stink-eye, ground my teeth together ferociously, and growled, "PLEASE do not tell me that you lost another glove."

His sheepish reply? The classic "Sorry, Mom."

Grrrr.... And GRRRRR again for good measure.

Needless to say, I'll be sending my child to school tomorrow with one solid black glove and one black-with-orange-stripes glove. Maybe if he gets teased for looking like a jackass wearing two totally mismatched gloves for a day or two, he'll remember to zip his flippin' gloves inside his pockets in the future.

In the meantime, I'll be trolling through the ENTIRE school (including the black hole that is otherwise known as the "Lost and Found" area, where trying to locate anything is literally like looking for a needle in a haystack) to see if I can't find at least ONE of the two missing gloves.

This part of my mommy job description sucks ass.


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