iAm Having Problems with my iPod. iNeed a New iPod!

OK, I'll be honest here: When it comes to my iPod, I'm a crusty old fogey who's now completely out of touch with current technology.

I say that because I have a second generation iPod Mini, circa June 2005.

Yes, yes. I realize that means that my ancient iPod is really only 3.5 years old. But in technology years, that's like 3.5 million years old. So essentially, I've got a dinosaur from the early MP3 era.

Don't get me wrong: I love my Mini. It's been trustworthy, reliable, relatively free from annoying glitches. Other than those three times when it kept skipping over my favorite workout songs for no known reason no matter how many times I tried to get it to play the damn songs by skipping forward and backward, pushing play and pausing. Oh, that bugged the crap out of me!! Stupid thing. Grrr...

What? Oh, yes. Right.

My Mini is also sturdy, and unassumingly attractive in a squat and rounded kind of way (sort of reminds me of my grandmothers actually, which is really quite comforting).

Unfortunately, my Mini seems to be gasping for breath, straining for the strength to continue playing its beautiful music. Not to mention that I've apparently completely maxed out my song capacity (dammit).

Only, that's the thing: It's TELLING me that I've maxed out my song capacity, but I know that I have NOT, because I've been deleting "old" songs from it as I've wanted to add new ones. It's just not registering that I've deleted those songs, for some unknown reason.

It's sort of like my Mini has developed Alzheimer's. It's forgotten that I've deleted old songs from the past to make room for the new in the present, and it remains stubbornly yet innocently stuck on my song load of 10 days ago. It's sad, really.

The thought of saying goodbye to my trusty MP3 companion makes me choke up a little. So I probably wouldn't really "get rid of it" at all. See, it still remembers that it has all of Super Boy's songs on his playlist securely tucked away in its feeble memory, so I would probably pass my dinosaur of an MP3 on to my 5-year-old son. That way, if he absolutely destroys the poor thing, at least he doesn't have very far to go in obliterating it, and I won't be mad if he breaks such ancient technology.

The only question now is: Which new iPod do I get???

I swear, the new-fangled technology is so much more fancy and complex than my old trusty, utilitarian iPod Mini. For starters, they have COLOR SCREENS now.

Go ahead, you can do it - the ooohing and aaahing thing. I won't be offended. I did it myself when I first checked out the Apple website.

In addition to them fancy color screens, we now have a wide selection of exterior colors to choose from, at least with the iPod Nanos. And that right there is enough to send me into the fetal position sucking my thumb for a week. I'm terrible at making innocuous decisions like that. The BIG stuff, heck yeah, I'm all over it and can make up my mind in a heartbeat. But ask me to choose an exterior color on a new iPod and I lose half of my cerebral cortex functioning. It's weird.

I just know that if I chose the yellow, I'd hate it in a week. Same thing if I chose the pink. Or the red. But if I stuck with trusty old silver, the color of my Mini, I'd be frustrated with myself for NOT choosing something a little more sassy and unique, something that represents my personality, especially since I now HAVE the choice.

You can also now watch VIDEOS, heck, even MOVIES, on iPods. Not to mention all the fun applications. Wowza! Those alone make my head spin!

Now, the iPod Touch - the creme de la creme in the iPod world - has literally everything you could want in an MP3 player, including internet and email access, and the cool applications, PLUS a touch screen.

The only problem is, if I'm going to go that far down the new-fangled technology road, then I might as well pick me up one of them iPhones, since the iPod Touch pretty much has everything but the phone service, and it costs pretty much the same as the iPhone.

Now, let me stop right there and say that I am seriously coveting an iPhone. I want one. Bad.

The problem is that I can't really justify getting one. See, I'm not presently employed or earning money for the household, which is kind of a sticking point.

When I told my husband last year that I really wanted - and "needed" - a Coach brief bag for Christmas, he gave me the evil eye so bad my head hurt and said, "WHY on earth do you need a Coach brief bag when you're a stay-at-home mom, darling?" Hmmm.... good question.

I have a feeling he'd say something very similar if I told him I "needed" an iPhone at this particular point. I mean, really, my life is fairly straightforward in that I don't have a million appointments to keep straight and I'm not working on complex deals or anything that would require me to have cutting-edge technology on the go for ANY possible situation that should arise.

Trust me on this - if you could see my current cell phone, you would actually shit your pants. When I replaced my old dinosaur cell phone last year at this time, I chose THE most stripped down and basic model Sprint carried because, really, that's all I needed - I have a digital camera (two, actually), so I didn't NEED a phone with a camera. And I don't text or access the internet from my cell phone, so I really didn't NEED a built-in keyboard or any other fancy features. All I NEEDED was the ability to make calls, receive calls, get voicemail, and maybe store a few dozen phone numbers in it. Most of which are numbers that I'll never call.

But I don't care about all of that now. I want an iPhone.

Super Man will NEVER let me get one at this point, because he knows I don't "need" one. Oh, but I do, I do, I do!

Anyhoo, back to the iPod Touch. Clearly that's all way too fancy-schmancy for my current needs. I'd rather get a more basic iPod to replace my ancient Mini and maybe get an iPhone in another year when the contract on my wholly generic phone is up.

Which brings me to my other choices of iPods: The Classic and the Nano. Both are great, yet they are quite different.

The Classic literally can store pretty much ANYTHING you can think of, including possibly the kitchen sink, in whatever quantities of those things you could possibly want - songs, movies, videos, etc. Unfortunately, while the device is thin, it's WIDE. I can just see myself shattering that nice, wide screen my first time running on the treadmill with it - and dropping it. That would be my luck. I also cannot see myself fitting it easily and inconspicuously in any of my smaller purses, which is a problem. It's also a little more $$$. Sorry, but I have to factor that into my decision. I'm not working, dudes!

The Nano, on the other hand, is shiny, colorful, slim and skinny, and could easily fit in my purse. And could also easily be accidentally crushed by my man-hands with how slim and delicate it is. It scares me. It looks SO fragile that I'm afraid for its life. I managed to keep my Mini alive this long by the sheer grace of God. Well, that and a hard-shell case. And even those two things were sorely tested at times. I can't tell you how many times I dropped poor Mini on the treadmill or on the moving parts of the elliptical trainer. I cannot imagine a Nano surviving such abuse for over three years.

But.... the Nano is less expensive than the Classic. And it has fewer bells and whistles, lower capacity for all the stuff I DON'T use with plenty of capacity for the thing I really want it for: My songs. And it comes in a whole rainbow of colors!! (Did I mention that already? Sorry. Pretty, shiny colors easily distract me.)

I think I know what I need to do here. I think I need to get a Nano. The one with the higher song capacity.

And I definitely need to find a very sturdy case for it.

The only trouble is... what fancy color do I choose?

Yellow, my favorite color? Pink, because it's sassy and fun and is the color for breast cancer support? Red because it's sassy and fun and... red?

Or do I stick with silver, to keep it easy and familiar, and maybe forego giving myself a stroke choosing a damn color?!???

HELP ME, PEOPLE!! Help me narrow down a color! I need you now like I've never needed you before. And if you help me choose a color, there might - MIGHT - be an iTunes gift card in it for you.

How do you like those beans?

Yes, help me pick out an iPod Nano color between now and Sunday 11/9 at 9pm CST, and you could find yourself the lucky recipient of a $15 iTunes card.

Edited to Add: Nano Colors! Yeah, I thought you might need this to check out the colors... I'm such a dope sometimes!

Now, get to work, think hard, and... and... THANK YOU!!


  1. I vote for blue becuase not only does it sound like a unique choice for you, but it would commemorate the historic Democratic victory Tuesday. Plus, it appears that it will match your eyes. :)

  2. I vote for pink and here is why.
    I went with a pink laptop.
    I have three boys.
    No one wants to borrow it.
    Do you want to share your ipod?

    Also, I am glad you went with the Nano. I love mine. If you haven't already, check out Nikeplus.com. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mine.

    I heard that the expected life of any ipod is 3 years. I think we will be hearing more stories like yours soon. Be glad yours lasted 3.5 years.


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