Whisper: to speak softly

Super Boy has this little habit that I absolutely adore. He developed it about this time a year ago, and I'm tickled that it has carried forward to this point. I pray he doesn't outgrow it anytime soon!

Whenever my sweet son asks me if he can have a toy he saw on t.v. or that one of his friends has, I say to him, "Maybe you can ask Santa for that for Christmas." And as soon as the words are out of my mouth, Super Boy will turn away from me (or go to a quiet place in the room), close his eyes tightly and whisper his wish to Santa.

The softly spoken wish is generally worded something like this:

"Santa, it's me - Super Boy. Can you please bring me a ___________ for Christmas? Thanks, and I love you."

It's enough to melt your heart from the inside out....


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