Oh Yeah... Uh-Huh... Oh Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

I sooooooo totally did it. Cut my hair short. Yep.

And I LOVE it! (At least for today, while my stylist's handiwork is still fresh.)

She did exactly what I wanted except that she left the very front layers and the crown layers a tiny bit longer than the pictures of the style I wanted because she wanted to ease me into the short hair thing a little bit by leaving it just long enough for me to still pull back. I'm so used to putting my hair in ponytails that she didn't want to totally cut me off cold turkey. Although that pony tail is going to be virtually nonexistent now anyway! When I go back in six weeks, she'll take those two areas shorter for me so I can really get funky.

But yeah - I love it. It's very different, but very edgy and fun. And sassy.

I have not had hair that didn't even reach my shoulders in YEARS. I don't even know how MANY years because it's been that long.

For my entire marriage to Super Man, I've had varying lengths of long hair. He's seen me with red hair, auburn hair, brown hair and blonde hair. He's seen me with medium-long hair and REALLY long hair.

But the man has never seen me with short hair....

And speaking of Super Man, he called me on my cell phone AS I was sitting down in my stylist's chair and repeated the words "Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it" in my ear until I almost - almost - caved and went with my old standby "mmm... just a trim."

Thankfully my inner sassy chick found the strength to tell him to shut his trap because it's MY hair and I'LL decide what to do with it (even though he's paying for it). He sat in shocked silence for a moment and then said, "You're right. You only live once. And it'll grow back. Have fun!"

Ha HA! Hahahahahaha.... Ha! I'll have fun alright. With my new short SASSY 'do!

I'm waiting for my digital camera's battery to charge, and then I'm editing this post to include a few "before" and "after" pictures. (Stupid battery...) Check back!!


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