Me Can Take Pictures

Yes, even I - your Average Everyday Super Woman without virtually any discernible artsy skills whatsoever - can take a halfway decent picture, as it turns out. Who'd have thunk it was possible? Not me, that's for sure!

We have a nice little Canon PowerShot SD1000 digital camera, which I love, but I'd never really messed around with the features before. I was bored yesterday (oops - don't let Super Man hear me say that or he'll make me get a job), and felt like taking some random pictures, so I started pushing the buttons on the back of my camera without a clue as to what they were for.

That always makes me a little nervous because I've been known to cause SERIOUS damage to other electronics with my willy-nilly random-button-pushing approach to learning, but I took a deep breath, said a little prayer and pushed those buttons anyway.

Turns out, I discovered some cool features! My favorite discovery was the "Color Accent" feature. It essentially produces a black and white image but infuses color into a select colorful object to make it totally pop. I'm sure this isn't a very scientific manner of describing the feature, but I don't really care. Heck, I consider myself lucky for just stumbling onto something cool - you can hardly expect me to know what I'm talking about in those circumstances, right? Right.

So, anyway. Here are a few of the pictures I took with this color accent feature. I LOVE them and I guarantee I'll be messing with that feature more over the coming weeks.

If you have a digital camera and you only use it for basic point-and-shoot type pictures, STOP! Go get your camera and start pushing some buttons, sister! Mess around with it until you find something that blows your mind, and then run with it. Worked for me. ;)

And, please, share your pictures with me and the other readers, too - if you have a Flickr page or some other photo page that you can share, post a comment and include a link. I'd love to see what cool things you all have photographed using neat camera functions.

Have a great day!!


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