Marriage is Fun.

Especially when your husband is on the opposite side of the political dividing line from you. In an election year. And, specifically, in a desperate, teeming, tumultuous election year.


The thing that makes it SO fun is that I tend to be rather... flamboyant... in supporting my chosen political candidate(s), whereas Super Man will talk about his fave(s) until you're blue in the face but he isn't inspired enough to go out and get any symbols of his support.

It drives him CRAZY that I'm all about the swag. Muah-ah-ah....

For example. A few months ago, I went online and purchased an Obama magnet for the bumper of my Odyssey (while I love bumper stickers, I'm leasing and am not yet sure if I want to buy out the lease at the end or not, so I have to resist the urge to defile my bumper). I giggled the whole time I was centering it perfectly on my van's backside.

I didn't tell Super Man I was doing this. When eventually we went outside together to head out somewhere and he laid eyes on the little magnetic beauty, he rolled his eyes and insisted - INSISTED - that I remove it. Remove it from my vehicle.

Aw, hell no! My car; my candidate. Sorry, pal.

To further fan the flames, after the debate last night, I informed Super Man that I'm picking up an Obama yard sign from our local Obama campaign office today, and he'll find it on the left side (heeheehee) of our front yard when he gets home from work tonight. He glowered at me from under furrowed brows, his eyes narrowed to slits and his beautiful lips set in a firm line.

I innocently batted my eyelashes and told him that I'd save the right side of our front yard for his McCain sign, if he felt so inclined. (It was a safe bet: We both know that he won't make the time - or pay the few bucks - to get a McCain sign in the next 18 days...)

And then I laughed out loud, realizing that while many of our neighbors have competing signs right next door to each other, we'd be the only house in the neighborhood with competing signs in the same yard. Wouldn't surprise anyone, I'm sure!

What Super Man doesn't yet know is that I'm also scouring the internet trying to find the perfect Obama t-shirt that I can wear EVERY SINGLE DAY until the election. Just because I love him. ;)

There's just one thing that bothers me: What'll I do for fun once the election is over?



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