Ah...Ahhh.. AHH-CHOO!



Excuse me. I had to blow my nose. Again. For like the 400th time today. And it's only 10am. Oy vey.

I have a cold. One that I could actually feel starting to come on a solid week ago, but that didn't really kick in in earnest until about two days ago.

Last week I was completely exhausted, from the moment I woke up until the moment I fell asleep. I could feel pain building in my sinuses, making my face and head ache, but my nose wasn't congested at all. Instead, I had a non-stop stream of obnoxious post-nasal slime oozing down my throat all day, making my throat tickle and hurt (and prompting me to make completely rude and disgusting noises in private while I tried to hawk all of it up and spit it out rather than continue swallowing it. Yuck. Sorry about that TMI, by the way - just trying to keep it real). A few times I wondered if perhaps it was more of an allergy thing than a cold, but I couldn't shake that heavy feeling in my sinuses, and I knew it was just a matter of time.

Well, by Saturday I knew it was finally progressing into a full-blown cold. I started sneezing violently several times a day, the hallmark of my impending doom. Which each sneeze, I could feel the congestion inching its way into my nasal passages. By the evening, while we were out to dinner with my Super Parents and some Super Friends, my nose was thoroughly congested and I sounded vaguely like Elmer Fudd when I spoke.

Since then, I've been miserable. I tend to be a side- or stomach-sleeper at night, neither of which is fun when your head is congested. On my side, I end up with one nostril completely clogged; yet when I roll over to the other side, there is that "transitional period" when suddenly BOTH nostrils are completely clogged as the congestion works its way to the other side. On my stomach, it all just settles into my face or makes my nose run like a faucet. And yet, lying flat on my back feels suffocating because the congestion is in both nostrils AND I can feel it sliding down the back of my throat. NO good options there!

I'm not one who terribly minds colds, ordinarily, but I feel as though my colds get worse the older I get. Or maybe it's that I just don't tolerate the symptoms as well as I used to, physically or mentally! It seems like it takes me forever to get rid of my colds, too, and that's just not fun. I'm not kidding - I'll easily have total congestion for a solid week or longer with little to no relief from OTC cold medicines. I long for the morning when, while standing in a hot shower trying desperately to inhale the rich steam, I can feel the last vestiges of the cold break up and disappear, allowing me to finally - FINALLY - breathe deeply through my nose.

Anyway. Pardon me now while me and my box of Kleenex and my book retire to the sofa for a day of rest, hot tea and nose blowing.

Ahh.... Ahhhhh... AHCHOO! Times two.

I always - ALWAYS - sneeze in pairs.

Oh - and excuse me. :)


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