These People Need Some Serious Prayers...

Earlier this evening, I went to this blog - C Jane Run - to look for updates on the status of the woman behind the NieNie Dialogues, Stephanie Nielson. As you may have heard or read in the news, Stephanie - or "Nie Nie" as she's known to those close to her - and her husband Christian were both severely burned in a plane crash that happened in mid August. Christian fared a bit better in that a lesser portion of his body was burned, but both are still in critical condition. They need your prayers, and - if you're so inclined - your financial support to help cover the undoubtedly astronomical medical bills associated with the type and level of care they require as they fight for their lives.

While reading C Jane's blog for an update on Nie Nie and Christian, I noticed that Jane had mentioned another couple that needed prayers and support, and I clicked on the link to read more about Carol and Scott Decker's situation. And, oh my God, after reading about all that these people have been through since my 8th wedding anniversary on June 10th of this year, I want to curl up in a ball and cry for a week. Reading about things like this happening to good people makes my blood boil, and makes me want to rail at God and ask (yet again) WHY he allows such suffering in the world.

Carol had to have an emergency C-section on June 10th resulting in the premature delivery of their second daughter, Safiya. While Safiya was able to go home within about a month and is doing beautifully, Carol has suffered one horrible medical emergency after another, starting with the C-section. She had a widespread staph infection that resulted in severe necrosis of the tissues in several areas of her body, which ultimately led to the amputation of both of her legs below the knee, her left hand an inch above the wrist, and her right ring finger, not to mention multiple painful skin grafts in the months since, to repair the damage done by the staph infection. Also, due to the medications that Carol had to be given during and after her C-section to get her blood pressure to a normal level and stabilized, she ended up losing her vision. She and her husband, her children and their families have been through absolute HELL over the past four months, and their nightmare isn't over yet. While Carol was able to go home earlier this month, she is still fighting a hospital-acquired infection on her back (where they did a skin graft harvest), and she will have to go through months of therapy of all kinds to regain strength, mobility and eventually to use prosthetic limbs. In one of Scott's more recent posts, he mentioned that Carol's hospital bills had already surpassed $2 million dollars, which is simply insane. Thank goodness they have good insurance, but it still won't cover all of the costs. So I have to ask you again to say prayers for these people and to support them if you can.

I may not understand why God allows people to suffer like this, but I know that there are many, many people who are willing to reach out and offer their emotional and financial support, and I know that my readers are among them. Thank you in advance for anything you can do for these two families. I've said it before and will say it again - you, my readers, are AWESOME.

Peace out.


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