Need Baby Shower Gift Ideas... And There's Starbucks In It for YOU!

Hello, lovely readers -

Today marks a first here at Average Everyday Super Woman: I'm running a contest!


Here's the scoop....

Super Man's cousin's wonderful daughter Amanda and her husband Andy are expecting their first child, and are having a baby shower at the end of September. And Super Woman needs to find a fabulous gift for their new little one.

So I need your help. :)

Now, I know that I could get something off their registry and they would be perfectly happy with that - but I want to give them something special and unique to celebrate the birth of their first baby.

Unfortunately, it's been about 5-1/2 years since Super Woman had a baby shower, or had to regularly look for or buy baby stuff, so I'm kinda outta the loop as to what the hot new baby things are!

Let me say that I adore Etsy and I often spend several hours at a time browsing the various shops and offerings there. I'd love to support someone there, as long as I can find something wonderful that is gender-neutral, since Amanda and Andy have chosen not to find out the baby's gender. That said, I'm also open to getting a gift through another online store.

In terms of price range, I'd like to find something that's no more than $40, not including shipping. Is that reasonable? Can we do it? (Please say yes - your favorite Super Family is still jobless at the moment!) ;)

So... SEND ME YOUR IDEAS, READERS!! Send one idea; send 20 ideas - as long as they meet the RULES outlined below, they're valid entries to the contest.

Whoever sends me the idea I end up choosing will WIN a $15 Starbucks gift card! (Note: If more than one person recommends the same thing, the first person to recommend the winning item will be chosen as the winner.)

* Be sure to include a link to the item(s), as well as any other information I might need so I can find and purchase the item(s) you suggest online.
* The cost of the item(s) must be less than $40, not including tax or shipping.
* MAKE SURE that you all have a valid email address registered with Blogger or that you provide a valid email address in your entry so I can notify the winner!
* All entries should be posted by 9:00pm CDT on Sunday, August 31, 2008 in order to be considered valid.

If I'm unable to see and order the item online, or if the cost of the item is more than $40, or if I have no way of notifying you that you've won, I'll have to disqualify the entry. (And I really don't want to have to do that!)

I will choose, email and then post the winner the evening of Wednesday, September 3, 2008, and will mail out your Starbucks gift card within 2 days of making contact with you and getting your mailing address.

~~Thanks for the help, and THANKS even more for being loyal readers.~~

I look forward to reading and checking out your ideas. GOOD LUCK!


  1. I LOVE Isabooties... soft soled shoes in cute designs. I like them better than the pediped as they aren't as slippery on the bottom, very durable, don't have silly animals on them.... more classic designs. Isabooties and a pair of BabyLegs and I think you have yourself a great gift for under $40.


  2. The best gift I received was a collection of gift cards to restaurants in my area that deliver and/or do take-out. They were a godsend those first few weeks when I didn't even want to look at the stove. I think the people at Panera knew my hubby by name before long! (You could also do a gift card to Peapod if they are in the area.)

  3. My stand-by for those close to me are hand-knit booties and hat. The booties are great becaue they tie on so they don't slip off and you can make them out of whatever yarn you like (so they can be washable!)The hat's a pretty standard roll brim with a little antenna on top.

    OK, so I'm not seriously entering your contest because I have no links or photos because all I have are the patterns in my possession. But I know you knit, so thought I'd throw this out there!

  4. Oh, I will put the websites....



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