Surviving the Back-To-School Craziness! (Oh, and a contest, too...)

Hello, lovely readers!

If like me you're dreading the insanity of the back-to-school season that is nearly upon us, fear not: I've got (a link to) just what you need! ;)

My e-pal Kelby Carr over at Type-A Mom has a fabulous "Back-to-School Survival Guide" that is written by and for real moms, just like you and me. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm still relatively new to the whole back-to-school gig, since Super Boy just started half-day K4 last year, so this is really my first experience with the full-blown, all-day back-to-school jazz. And, quite frankly, I need all the help I can get!

Anyway, check it out by clicking on the badge on the right. You won't regret it!

Oh, and about that little contest? Well, to give you even MORE reason to go check out Kelby's blog and Back-to-School Survival Guide, she's throwing a "little" contest. To the tune of $140 worth of some super cool back-to-school gear that I KNOW my kid would love to have, and I'm guessing yours might, too.

The Back to School Prize Pack includes: a LeapFrog Tag Reading system (valued at $49.99), a totally cool personalized backpack by Skimbaco (valued up to $44), a super fun personalized lunchbox - the great old-school metal kind that we had as kids - from Tote and Tee (valued at $29.50), and a very fun Back to School Giftventure (valued at $19.99).

Kelby offers a few different ways to get extra entries to the contest, which I think is really quite generous, since this is truly a fabulous giveaway. So don't delay - get on over to Type A Mom, check out the Back-to-School Survival Guide, and enter the great Back-to-School Contest.

You'll have no regrets, my friends - NO regrets!


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