Looking to Spruce Up Your Blog?

If so, you've simply GOTTA check out Aqua Poppy Designs.

Chelsea, the genius behind Aqua Poppy Designs, is the extremely gifted and talented designer of my new background here at Average Everyday Super Woman. I swear, this is PERFECT for me - the colors, the design, everything. I am LOV-ing it!

And what's even better is that Chelsea is offering a whole bunch of backgrounds for free! Yes - you read that right: FREE.

So if you've been thinking that maybe your blog needs a little pick-me-up, go check out her blog and follow her super easy instructions for changing your background. If you don't see what suits you among the free options, you can also have her custom design something just for you.

Oh, and the icing on the cake is that she's running a special giveaway RIGHT NOW for "Super Poppy" blog design. Which means that Chelsea will give FIVE lucky winners "a header, coordinating sides and a signature button." Just be sure to enter today because the giveaway ends on Friday, July 11.

I mean seriously, folks. How much easier can it get?

Rock on, Chelsea - you are the bomb!


  1. Wow, your blog looks awesome!!!!! Isn't poppy designs perfect!!!

  2. You are so nice to post all that! Thank you so much! I really LOVE this background you chose...it's my favorite one! Come back often, I'll be designing some new ones here shortly! Again,thank you so much!



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