A Poll....

As some of you may know, your dear old pal Super Woman is also a contributing writer for "This Mommy Gig" at http://www.thismommygig.org/. I've only been over there for about a month but it's been a great gig so far and we've seen a steadily growing readership, which is always nice.

TMG founder, Kate Olson, has invited us writers to help get a poll out about the site so that we can improve the site and give our readers what they want AND so we can see how we're doing so far. As such, please visit This Mommy Gig, take some time to really go through the site and read some of the posts, and then take the poll. You'd really be helping us out in our quest to make the site as useful and enjoyable as possible to our readers. Thanks in advance!

That's all. Have a great Sunday, friends!


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