A Love Letter for Super Man on Our 8th Anniversary

Dear Super Man:

You are:
~ the love of my life
~ the foundation of all of my dreams
~ a fabulous father to our beautiful little boy and your lovely daughter
~ a loving and supportive partner to me
~ my calm, safe haven in any storm
~ talented beyond belief, in so many different and cool ways
~ the sexiest man I know, both for who you are on the outside and - especially - for who you are in the inside
~ the one I want to grow old with.

When I first met you, I was taken aback at how someone so different from what I thought I wanted in a husband could seem to be such a perfect match for me. You were so nice, sensitive, artsy, gorgeous in a way that's quite opposite of the "All American Guy"... not to mention older, divorced and a father of one. :) No, you weren't necessarily the man of my dreams when I first met you - but the more time I spent with you, the more certain I felt deep down that you were the one I was meant to be with.

It took us a little while to line up our ducks and decide that we were going to take things to the next level, and that was admittedly frightening for me, with one canceled engagement under my belt and one divorce under yours, because I knew that if there was ever a relationship I'd see through to the altar, it was my relationship with you. I wanted it to work. I wanted it to be a smashing success. I wanted us never to fall out of love or lust with each other, no matter how much time passed or how much crap we had to deal with. I was afraid, but I took the plunge, with you by my side.

Our marriage has not always been the way I had hoped it would be, but it has endured. Our life together has not been easy. In fact, there have been times when it's been downright difficult, when maybe it seemed like we were doing more harm together than good. All I can say is that I am so glad that you - like me - are not afraid to seek help from an objective third-party when issues move outside our realm of manageability, and I credit A.S. with saving our marriage in those earliest years, when our struggles to carve out a place just for us seemed in vain. I will not lie and say that I never questioned my choice to marry you during those times, but the fact that I stayed should speak volumes about how badly I did NOT want to leave you. I chose to stay in the trenches with you until we'd hammered out that space in the world for you and me, and I'm so glad I did, and that you did, too.

To be honest, I think the tough times we've made it through together have made us closer, deepened our bond, strengthened our love and friendship. Who would've thought at the time that it would be so, but just look at us now. No, our life is not a picnic every moment of every day. But when I lay my head down on my pillow at night, I always want it to be right next to yours, and when I wake up each morning, I want it always to be to your kisses.

Thank you for loving me, through good times and bad, through sickness and health. Thank you for being my friend, my lover, my partner, my child's father. Thank you for being you.

I love you, CH. Always and forever... infinity times infinity... no matter what.



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