How Do You Build an Ark?

Remember when I was writing earlier this year about the ungodly amounts of snow (like each storm dumping nearly a foot of snow on us, and storms hitting two to three times a week in some cases) we were getting in our area up until, like, April? Well, apparently, Mother Nature feels that our area hasn't been inundated with enough moisture yet. We got over 5" of rain in our community between the strong storms (and tornados) that swept through our area last night and thus far today, and there's MORE on the way over the next several days.

Now, the Super Family lives in a 113-year old house on a fairly large suburban piece of land that happens to be at the top of a hill in our community, so we've never experienced flooded streets or a flooded driveway or anything like that. But we have had occasional small amounts of water in our basement after very heavy rains (it comes in through the seams of the windows though, not through basement cracks or anything like that), and now the last two days we've had some areas of standing water in our yard, which is not graded the best and has some high and low spots. So, all things considered, we've been pretty fortunate in the midst of this bad weather pattern.

Unfortunately, many of our neighbors - even those who are just around the corner on the street one block down to our south - have not fared quite so well. We have eight different friends on that same street and the further west you go, the more water problems they've had, as the street has a gradual decline the further west you go. One of the two friends farthest west on the street actually had one vehicle parked on the street during the storms last night and came out to find it flooded with water up to the windows, and the other said her husband was out in the street in water up to his waist with a shovel trying to clear the sewer grates so the water would go down.

And, yes, the weather forecasts are showing rain and strong storms continuing until at least Wednesday. I don't know how much more this area can take, but I sure hope there's at least a decent break between the storms so that the water can soak into the earth and otherwise disperse before the flooding situations get any worse.

In the meantime, my very handy Super Man is researching how to build an ark. Just in case.


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