Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting....

If you haven't already rounded up your kids and taken them to see "Kung Fu Panda," go get 'em right now and go see this movie.

I mean it. Stop reading this post, log off your computer, get your butt out of your chair and GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!

I just took Super Boy to see it this afternoon and it was a SMASHING success in that 5-year-old boy's opinion. The entire way out of the theater, he was showing off his new kung fu moves, and is still doing it now, underneath my desk (to the chagrin of my shins), nearly an hour later.

Lots of good laughs, for kids and adults. Po (Jack Black) was a riot as the big, burly, food-obsesses panda who finally realizes that he just has to believe in himself. And there were some very good messages in the movie ("yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift - that's why it's called the 'present'" for example). All in all, I think seeing this movie may mean that I now have to go find some kung fu or other martial arts classes to sign my son up for.

In any case, get up and go see this movie. Now. Seriously, GO!


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