P.S. I LOVE This Movie!!

Dear God... Get me a ginormous box of tissues, a Starbucks and leave me alone for three hours, 'cause I have BIG plans to watch this movie today. And tomorrow. And Sunday. And probably Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And maybe Thursday and Friday, too.

P.S. I Love You.

Two words: Gerard Butler. Completely sexy, sweet, rough and just... mmm... yummmmmy. Remember how I said in a prior post (about "Charmed") that I would maybe do things to Julian McMahon (of "Charmed" and "Nip/Tuck" fame) that my husband wouldn't like much if I were ever LUCKY enough to meet him (Julian McMahon, not my husband) in person? Yeah, well, the same goes for Gerard Butler. Good heavens, someone go run me a cold shower...

Hilary Swank. Fab-u-lous. The epitome of the grieving, young, confused, lonely widow. Beautiful. And, holy CRAP is she in fantastic shape. Makes me think I should've worked out today after all instead of sitting on my butt watching this movie and bawling at 9am.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Yowza.... Come to mama. How is it fair that a woman gets to have BOTH Gerard Butler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as her love interests in the same lifetime?!?

This movie is simply perfect. I cry (a lot). I laugh (a lot, in large part courtesy of Harry Connick, Jr., who is simply brilliant in his role as the wannabe rebound man, and the scene in the rowboat in Ireland). My heart breaks as I imagine how I would go on if Super Man were to drop dead tomorrow. Of course, while Super Man is very romantic and sweet, I doubt he'd go to all the trouble to write me a bunch of letters in advance of his premature demise, send me on a trip to Ireland where I'd meet and fall into bed with a sexy Irish rocker, etc., but hey, it never hurts to dream. Not of Super Man dying prematurely, God no - just of the potential good fortune that could follow. ;)

Bottom line: This is my all-time favorite movie. Ever.

Ok, I have to run now and grab my box of tissues -- it's time for an encore.


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