The Straight Poop

Now that winter finally appears to be exiting the picture and spring is kicking and screaming its way into the light, I'm faced with a bit of a messy problem: Super Dog's piles of poop appear to have overtaken our backyard during the six long months of winter.

Is it just me or do all dog owners leave the poop messes until after the snow melts? I hope it's not just me, because that would mean I'm just really lazy, and a huge wimp about spending time out in the cold and snow with a shovel and a really big bag. In any case, I haven't scooped poop once since the snow started flying, and now I look out upon my still-half-snow-covered back lawn and I see a whole lotta poop.

Here's my strategy: I'm waiting for a nice day, preferably in the low- to mid-50's and sunny, to get on my old shit-kicker boots, throw on a pair of haz-mat gloves and a face mask, and then I'll grab my shovel and a really gigantic yard waste bag and get down to business. I'm guessing I'll be spending a solid hour scooping poop, minimum. Aren't you jealous?

Ugh... It's times like these when I think we should never have gotten a dog in the first place. I mean, she's NOT a small dog - so her piles are really quite big. You'd think we had a pony, for Pete's sake. Ughhhhh.....

On the plus side, it's still only in the upper 30's/low-40's around here, so I still have another week or two before I have to face the feces.....


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