"One for the Books"

Um, yeah. That's what the meteorologists are saying about the frickin' snow storm we're in the midst of. Which, by the way, will not end up being a cute little 2 inches but more like 10-15 inches when all is said and done.

Not only could this end up being the biggest 24-hour snowfall of the whole '07-'08 season, but the inches accumulated today will push this season from the fourth snowiest on record to possibly SECOND snowiest on record. All we need from today's storm is 10 measly inches.

To get the top spot, we'd have needed like 25 inches, which is just insane. Although at this point, what the hell? I mean, why not throw an extra 15 inches on, since the simple fact that it's still snowing in LATE MARCH is enough to push me right over the edge anyway?

Anyone ever see "The Shining?"


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