Get Your Yoga On

Alright, I've held out long enough. I simply have to take a moment to promote the new venture of a very good super friend of mine, 'cause she sells THE coolest purses, wristlets - and now yoga bags - you'll ever lay eyes on. You've got to see them - and try them - to believe it, so here's where to look for Lady Jane Bags -- Her prices are very reasonable and the products are just too hip and fun to pass up.

Since my girlfriend is the owner and creator - and happens to live right around the corner, lucky me - she allows me and her other super friends the cool perk of being able to provide her with fabric we've found and then she creates the desired end product for us. In fact, just today I dropped off at her house some kick ass fabric I bought earlier and she's going to whip me up a yoga bag. I cannot wait. I have one of her purses and women are constantly stopping me to ask where I got it from; I'm sure I'll get that question in spades once I'm toting my new yoga bag to yoga and Pilates classes at my gym.

Anyway, go check out the goods at Feel free to thank me later.


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