First Day of Spring - But, Oh, Guess What?? SNOW in the Forecast!

Aarrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! loud crashing noise (That, by the way, is the sound of my forehead hitting my tabletop.)

I. Cannot. Flippin'. Believe this!

I checked out the forecast for the weekend, optimistically hoping that it would include the numbers 5 and 0 - together - since today is, after all, the first day of spring. And what pray tell do you think I found?

Despite the fact that we've managed to get into the upper 40's yesterday and it's forecasted again for today with a gorgeous blue sky and sunshine, we have a SNOW STORM predicted for tonight and tomorrow! We can expect anywhere from 2-8 (EIGHT!) inches of snow before all is said and done.

WHAT?!? Seriously, WHAT!?!??!

Aarrrrgggghhhhhhhh.... That's it. When Super Boy, Super Grandma and I go to Nashville next week, we're not coming back until May. The weather down there is in the 60's. Sign this girl up!


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