Who's Super Now?

I have a new girlfriend (we'll call her "C") who recently moved into the neighborhood who is expecting twins (TWINS!) next month. Anyhoo, C joined our book club and so I see her at least once a month, plus a coffee date smattered here and there amongst our emails.

During one of these occasions... before Christmas... I offered to C that she could borrow some of Super Boy's baby things if she needed them, seeing as she needs double of everything for her two little bundles of joy to be. She happily accepted my offer, and I felt good. See, I am a good super friend!

Except, with my bad memory (you know this already if you've been reading along...), I kept forgetting that I'd offered her these things until I was face-to-face with her again. And then I'd feel really bad for not remembering. See, I'm NOT a good friend.

I'm SO not a good friend that I ended up getting a phone call from C yesterday, asking if I'd had a chance to go through and gather the baby stuff yet, as she and her husband were working hard to set things up in the babies' room, etc. I was mortified...

I spent my morning in my basement and up in Super Boy's closet. Going through maternity clothes for C, gathering my pack & play, wet wipe warmer, baby floor mat/gym, portable and full-size baby swings, bouncy seat, changing pad and covers, my Baby Bjorn and a few other odds and ends, cleaning them off and writing our name on them.

Now, before I lose my "good friend" status forever, I have to go shower so I can run these things over to C's house... which is right around the corner.

I'm pathetic.


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