I'm a Super Freak!

My stepsister sent me one of those silly questionnaire emails earlier today, one for which you were supposed to answer the questions with one word, and I did it only because it was pretty quick.

This was Question #28: Something you're not wearing.

This was my answer: Underwear :) (Yes, I put a smiley face next to it...)

I then sent the email back to my stepsister and forwarded it to my sister and a half dozen of my girlfriends....

Flash forward to ten minutes ago. I check my email and my sister has completed the questionnaire and sent her responses back to me. I'm reading through them and I get to Question #28.

And suddenly notice the word "not" in the question... and panic.

OMG! I AM wearing underwear, people, I swear!! I'd never NOT wear underwear!

So I had to email my sister, stepsister and friends to tell them all that I clearly misread the question, and had I read it properly I would've answered with "jacket" or "boots"... or "brain."

Yikes... See, that's what happens when you skim through things too quickly and don't take the time to actually read them carefully. You end up being viewed as a panty-less freak in the eyes of your friends.


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