Damn, I'm Good

Yeah, that's right. They don't call me Super Woman for nothin'. ;)

Today is Super Boy's teacher's birthday, and as one of the two Super Room Moms for the class, I volunteered to collect money for the class gift, purchase the class gift AND make a "special snack" in honor of the teacher's big day. Unfortunately, as you'll quickly come to realize over the coming years of reading my posts, I'm a little Type A-ish, and because I love a good birthday as much as the next person, I tend to go a little overboard.

And overboard I did go...

I've obsessed over this for the past two weeks. Really - obsessed. I've emailed the teacher at least three times to ask her (1) what she wanted for her special snack, (2) what time she wanted to have her mini birthday party, and (3) to fill out a questionnaire including all sorts of personal and impersonal details about her life-to-date to give me insight into what would constitute "The Perfect Gift." (I'm not being entirely honest about #3 - I think I only asked seven questions, all totally appropriate and reasonable.) I think the teacher was a little annoyed by my persistence, but as she is probably opening her fabulous gifts and enjoying my tasty fresh-fruit snack as I type, I have a feeling she'll forgive me. :)

Okay, so we'll start with the gift.

We ended up getting, oh, about 20" of snow from Tuesday night through Wednesday, and I had Super Man and Super Boy both home sick from Monday afternoon until Thursday morning, so I was really under the gun to get those gifts purchased, having just collected the majority of the money on Monday. So all my shopping had to be done yesterday (Thursday), driving around in the messy aftermath of the Blizzard of '08. I made no fewer than five stops to purchase items for The Perfect Gift.

Super Boy's teacher loves art and said that if she could go anywhere tomorrow, she'd want to go to the Louvre in Paris. So I found a great coffee table book about the Louvre on sale at Barnes & Noble for $19 (score!). She also loves healthy cooking and scrapbooking/stamping, so I bought her the latest copy of "Cooking Light" magazine plus a cool-looking paper crafts and stamping magazine. Then I drove to a neighboring suburb to a craft store and a fabric store to purchase a gift card and the makings for a personalized tote bag.

I should mention that part of personalizing the tote bag meant having to sew on a cool ribbon trim and some ribbon ties. And, um, I don't really sew. At all. Nope. I'll get back to that in a minute.

After picking up my artsy-fartsy stuff, I drove back to my community to the flower shop to order a bouquet to be made for the teacher incorporating one of her favorite flowers: stargazer lilies. At a cool $5 a pop. Oh well - it's the woman's birthday!

Oh, and on top of the preparations I had to do for the teacher's birthday, I also had to bake and decorate a cake for the Cake Walk for tonight's Winter Dance. Hey, I'm nothing if not over-committed.

I get home, start wrapping the gifts, deliberately putting the sewing project aside until Super Man got home from work. Because (and I'm about to reveal a secret here)... Super Man is the tailor of our household. Yep, the man can SEW, ladies!! He made all our window treatments, and has sewn numerous other things over the years, much to my delight. Seriously, it turns me on to see my Super Man at the sewing machine.

Sewing put off, I baked the cake, cut up all the fresh fruit for snack, worked on the cards for the teacher and then killed some time (okay, a bunch of time) by checking email and tooling around on the Internet.

When the man of my dreams came home last night, coughing and sneezing his flu-germ-filled mucous hither and yon, I immediately tackled him and asked him to, "Sew for me, baby." I may have even whispered it into his ear in a breathy Marilyn Monroe-esque voice. He groaned (not with pleasure, I should note) and said, "Baby... You really need to learn how to do this yourself, you know." He proceeded to stall (much as I had done all afternoon) for an hour or so before lugging out his old sewing machine, threading it properly (this is always where I get confused - kinda hard to actually sew if you can't even thread the machine), and getting it ready to roll. And then he walked away.

WHAT?!?!? NO! You can't get it set up and then walk away!! That's like engaging in foreplay and then leaping out of bed, clapping your hands and saying, "Alrighty then. Gotta run." You just don't DO that, people!!

I leaped at him, grabbed his well-muscled hand and literally dragged him back to the machine, pleading and near-tears. But Super Man remained firm. He said he would stand by and watch me to make sure I knew what I was doing, and then he was going to go watch LOST. I whined and whimpered for a few minutes but, seeing that it was having no effect on Super Man, decided to just bite the bullet and get down to business.

It was all good until Super Man walked out of the room. Then the needle struck one of the straight pins I'd had holding the ribbon in place, and the stupid needle broke. DARN IT!!!

I went whining to Super Man to ask him to help me replace the needle, but he told me to figure it out. I tried for a few minutes, swore in frustration, and then walked away to watch LOST for a little while. During a commercial break, I again pleaded my case to Super Man to help, and he finally did, swearing the whole while.

Ten minutes later, I broke that needle, too. I don't even know HOW that one broke - I had figured out that I should remove all straight pins by that point. Thank God I had another two needles left, and I quickly finished up the sewing and moved on with my life. The bag, by the way, turned out BEAUTIFUL. If I hadn't already ironed on letters of the teacher's name to one side, I'd have kept it for myself! Of course, it was nearly 9pm at that point, so I was dead tired from my day of preparing for the teacher's birthday.

This morning, I awoke bright and early (okay, at 7am), showered and put all the birthday goodies into my minivan as Super Boy and I raced against the clock to get to school before the bell rang. After dropping him, the snack and the gifts off with the student teacher, I ran to the flower shop to get the bouquet, and delivered that - and the cake for tonight's Cake Walk - back to the school. The teacher smiled as she saw her bouquet of stargazer lilies and roses. :)

And I'm back at home, taking a much needed gulp of a honey latte with soy and kicking back to pat myself on the back. Job well done, Super Woman!! Keep up the good work!

Now if only I could remember that pesky password for my work computer and email...


  1. I linked over to your blog from PW. As a 5th grade teacher with no room mom, I am SO totally jealous of you and your over the top birthday gift! Supermom is right! :)

  2. THANK YOU for becoming Reader #3 of my blog!! :)

    And thanks for the great comment! I'm feeling very insecure right now because Super Boy's teacher said NOTHING when I picked Super Boy up from school Friday -- not "thank you", not "that was so nice of you, I really appreciate all the thought you put into this" -- nothing. She's a tough one to read though, not a warm-fuzzy sort of teacher at all. I hope she liked the gifts...

    Anyway, thank you for reading my blog and for making me feel a little better about the kind of room mom I am!

    Super Woman


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