And Did I Mention That Everyone is Sick?

Just wondering. Because I've been at home taking care of Super Man and Super Boy for the past two days, as both of them have fallen ill with influenza.

Super Boy went to school yesterday (he's in half-day K4), and an hour or so after we got home, he said his head hurt and he wanted to lie down. I took a good long look at his rosie red cheeks and glassy eyes and knew instantly that he had a fever. Turned out to be 100.5. Since then, it's vacillated between 100.5 and 101.5, and with it has been his appetite and energy level. There's nothing sadder than listening to your little 4 year-old son coughing hoarsely and croaking out a request for ice water.

Except maybe the sound of 42 year-old Super Man moaning and groaning and coughing hoarsely and asking me to get him some Advil. His temperature got as high as 102.4, and he's also had the body aches, chills, sore throat and cough.

Being the huge germophobe I am, I've been going nuts washing my already dry, cracked hands and wiping down every square inch of surface area in my home every 30 minutes in my efforts to keep myself from falling prey.

Seriously, I am going to bed and not coming back out until May!


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