Ack! New Friend "C" Had Her Twins Today!

Wow, it's a good thing I finally got off my ass and got her all that baby stuff, because my new friend C had her twin babies earlier this morning!! HOORAH!!

She wasn't due until March 20th and I kept thinking she still had all this time... Heck, I just saw her at a party on Saturday night, her belly all big and cute, and she said she wasn't having any contractions yet and was feeling great. I'm just glad it happened on its own and that the babies were both right around the 5 lb. mark. Her OB would've induced her on 3/3 if she hadn't had the babies by then.

And, as I predicted, she had BOYS!! Little identical cutie pies. Can't wait to see 'em and hold 'em... My ovaries are screaming right about now.

Anyway, good thing I was such a good super friend and got her my baby stuff LAST weekend... Whew!


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