The One I Love

I was looking at Super Man the other morning as he lay next to me on our guest bedroom bed, with Super Boy on my other side, making a little Mommy sandwich as we snuggled in the Sunday morning sun. Super Man was talking on the phone to his dad about his mom being admitted to the hospital on Saturday with pneumonia.

I was admiring Super Man's strong Italian profile. Beautiful and just-the-right-size fine Roman nose, gorgeous bone structure, full rosy lips, a day's worth of salt-and-pepper shadow on his smooth olive skin. The concern for his mother making his warm, soft, velvety brown eyes seem sad. My fingers itched to touch his skin, as they have a million other times over the years. I reached out and stroked his cheek, played idly with his dark curly hair, noting as I often do that he's getting more silvery hairs with each passing year. Pretty soon he'll have a head full of silver, just like his father, who himself is an attractive man.

I listened to Super Man's deep, slightly raspy voice as he occasionally asked questions or murmured "mm hm" in response to something his father said. Super Man's voice has always captivated me, from the very first time I heard it, over the phone. It was March of 1998 - we spoke for three hours, and I was mesmerized by his voice. I had to meet the man to whom it belonged.

We were set-up by one of Super Man's best friends, whom I'd met the week before at a trade show in Washington D.C. Who would've thunk that of all the women who were at the show, the best friend would've singled me out, learned I was from the same city as Super Man, and begged for my number as he sold Super Man "like a brand new Cadillac," as he later described it to Super Man while relaying my phone number.

That was 10 years ago this March. That voice still mesmerizes me.

Our life and our marriage has its ups and downs, but through it all, we've stood together. If anything, our love for each other has deepened. Is our relationship as passionate as it used to be? Well, it's not the 24/7 Love Fest it used to be, but we still have our moments! More than that, much more than that, our deep soul connection is stronger now than ever.

I look at that man and I love him right down to the tips of my toes, to the depths of my heart and soul. He is my husband, the father of my child, my rock. The man who does sweet little things for me "just because."

For instance, today is my 34th birthday, and he left me a very cute little note before he left for work this morning, wishing me a wonderful and happy day. He even drew a heart and colored it in with a red marker in his rush to get out the door.

What a guy... I'm a very lucky girl.


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